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Six Pack Work Out Rules

By newbodyalliance | In Uncategorized | on May 27, 2015

Very few are interested in core strengthening because of a stigma that crunches and sit ups are a waste of time. First of all, forget the rumour. You should be contracting your core during every workout Understand that core muscles improve all aspects of exercise; bench press, squats etc.. With everything we learn, and everything we succeed in there are always steps. You can go from A to C without doing B, but what will you gain?

Completely opposite to what some may hear, core muscles are not developed by sit ups. An enormous amount of concentration must be utilized in order to engage the core muscles; tranversus abdominis, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae, lumbar multifidus, and the longissimus thoracis. There is no way in H*LL that these muscles are being triggered through sit ups. In fact not all core muscle are located around the abdominals; your back, gluts, and your obliques which are posterior chain.

Core Strength VS Core Stability
Our core stability are the muscles that provide segmental stabilization of the spine. These are the muscles that help improve your tennis server or golf swing. Our core strength comes from the muscles that bend, extend, and rotate the spine that make our everyday tasks much easier.

Core exercise:
When you’re performing any core exercise, make sure not to engage your abdomins at 100%. The secret to core foundation is making sure you trigger every muscle group. This is done by contracting your abdomins fully, and creating less work for other muscles.
Sit on a chair up right, and dig your fingers into your abdomins; stomach. Now see how much you can contract your abdomins so that you can feel the inner tension of the muscle. Perform the same for the glutes and the obliques. Create this exact feeling while performing every exercise.
There will be noticeable change in improvement, and injury prevention.

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