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Rehabilitation understanding Reconditioning

By newbodyalliance | In Uncategorized | on April 30, 2015

Training at a gym can be difficult, but understanding how to receive results is even tougher.
Here is valid point you should know when it comes to recovery:

– Healing Muscle Tissue (parts of the body that have been worked on) must not be overstressed

When your tissues are healing the process proceeds as:
1.) Inflammation – There will be pain, swelling and redness
– There will be decreased collagen production
– A production in increased number of inflammatory

2.) Repair – A production in collagen fibers will be produced
– A decreased number of inflammatory cells

3.) Remodelling – A proper collagen fiber alignment on muscles
– Increased tissue strength

In step 1, the inflammation phase, the body undergoes an initial reaction to the injury. This phase is necessary for normal healing to occur.

In step 2, the repair phase, tissue repair will only occur once inflammation has ended. In this phase there will be a replacement of tissues that are no longer viable following injury.
This phase begins as early as two days after injury and may last up to two months!

In step 3, the remodelling phase, the injured muscle tissue during the repair phase is strengthened during the remodelling phase of healing
Tissue remodelling can last up to two or four months after injury.

This information is helpful to understand the importance of recovery. Recovery can be considered a rehab or a means to regain energy. If you consistently feel pain in a certain area of the body and it persists, you should consider visiting a physician. The body takes time to heal just as a building takes time to repair. Do not rush things when it comes to health and fitness. This should be a life time goal, and it takes time to achieve.

Newbodyalliance burnaby personal training.

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